Our jury of experts

We are pleased that we have been able to win over many partners and stakeholders for our expert jury, who care about the goals of our Vision 2030 just as much as we do as awm. The members of the jury will each contribute their professional expertise in their field to the evaluation of the submitted ideas.

Together, we will evaluate them according to the following criteria: We will examine the benefit for our city, the potential acceptance of the idea, the chance of feasibility, the potential for further development (e.g. for other citizens, cities or institutions), the sustainability in implementation and, of course, the creativity of the idea.

The jury meeting will take place at the end of October, after which the idea providers will be notified.

Manuela Feldkamp

Head of Corporate Communications / BNE

Prof. Sabine Flamme

Teaching/research area: resources, material flow and infrastructure management

Dr. Enno Fuchs

Managing Director

Gregor Haarmann

Sales Manager

Patrick Hasenkamp

Technical Operations Manager

Martin Hellwig

Founder and manager

Nicolai Meyer

Team BNE

Stefan Nottmeier

Editor in Chief

Mike Schmitz

Managing Director

Ludger Steinmann

Chairman (SPD politician)

Christian Wedding

Commercial Operations Manager

Niklas Wieczorek

Head of Münster city editorial office